What does the ESA do?

The old Eyam Sports Association was dissolved in December 2005, and its assets transferred to the Eyam Sports Association Ltd Company. The Association's aim, to provide sporting and recreational facilities for the Eyam community, remains unchanged.  In April 2008 the ESA was registered as a Charity (Charity No:1123735).

The committee manages the Association on behalf of members. This currently includes four officers and eight other co-opted members.

President:  John Davies *

Chair: Peter Jackson *
Treasurer: Paul Humphries *



Eyam Sports Association Ltd.
Tel: 630851


Freddie Campbell-Bans *
Diana Cameron *
Rebecca Edwards
Judith Hancock *
Archie Hartwright *
Paul Humphries
David Lomas
Aaron Pritzlaff
Stafford Rowland


* Director / Charity Trustee